New Tech Consulting is the brand name of a leading technology consulting company providing mentoring and consulting services, founded and directed by Bruno Conte on 2001, a visionary digital entrepreneur since 1990.

Focused on helping our clients to build or restructure a successful business changing the way they act inside out, using new vision modeled by use of web, mobile and new technologies.

Change management practices are today the key to revolutionize the way you think, and digital tools are helping a lot.
We provide mentoring to top and in-line managers on how to reach higher results.


Change Management, Employee engagement, Employer Branding
Company re-organization, re-launch, international scale
Funding, crowdfunding, international equity
Global market analysis and positioning
CRM strategy, (multi)Contact Relationship Management
Peer-to-peer Communication, Open Innovation
Complex IT outsourced Project Management services
Projects Independent Due Diligence & Audit, on IT and more

Our Vision and Mission

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. Working together on the daily requires each individual to let the greater good of the team's work surface above their own ego.

Happy clients all over Europe

Network of professional mentors

We like companies do good for their customers

We strongly believe into sustainable business

We act with ethics in mind

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"If you can do one thing you can do everything. Just believe it"


Join thousands of users making a difference every day using New Tech Consulting solutions and strategic digital consultancy. We are able to make your business easier, your life happier.

Think positive, open, world citizen and digital inside
Founder, CEO

Bruno Conte

Social Entrepreneur, Mentor, Digital inside

Brave and rock solid
Partner, CTO

Daniele Bertello

Eclectic Entrepreneur, Solution Man

Make things happen
Project Management Consultant

Alessandro Ceccarelli

Availability, Stability, Sustainability

The answer is "yes"
IT Architect Consultant

Alberto Ceccarelli

Software has no secrets to him

Pure Creativity
Art Director & Marketing Consultant

Luigi Genna

Digital beauty

Always On
MIS Admin Consultant

Michele Di Maria

Don't panic!


Are New Tech Consulting practices perfect for You?

Strategic Consulting, Company Due diligence & Audit, Restructure plans, Project Management

We do our consulting primarily online, leveraging current communication technologies to give you the ability to talk to us almost anytime. Yes, not too much coffees and handstriking, but will come next ;-)

  • 24/7 availability
  • A strong multi-discipline professional network 
  • Any business type and size
  • We like to go to the point

Market Analysis and positioning, Business Planning

Before starting it's important to konw trip details, and time to get things organized, find where users/customers are and how to reach them. We found ourselves performant to understand people behavior using IT into several markets worldwide.

  • We provide World-Wide business knowledge
  • Strong market experience, wide segments
  • Sales, marketing and legal advisory
  • We are concrete and realistics

Communication Design & Plan Development

This is where we begin to visualize your dreams and put them into practice and positive business. Communicate your passion is sometimes difficult, and this makes the difference between success an failure.

  • We leverage the power of web & mobile technology
  • socialCRM experts
  • Web and social network design
  • Sales and marketing network building capabilities


Experience a level of quality in vision design, business planning & model, action strategy, technology injection, people engagement.

Vision Design

Identity, Branding

Business Development

Strategic Consulting

Market Analysis

Italy, Europe, International

Employee Engagement

HR design

Technology Enablement

Peer-peer communication, community management

Employer Branding

HR, Marketing


Revolutionize your company

Since 2013 we are a proud Partner and strategic consultant of Bitrix Inc., adopting Bitrix24, a revolutionary all-in-one solution for Enterprise Social Network, business processes, peer communication, CRM and much more.
As an official Bitrix24 Partner, we'll provide you the best solution on the market, at cheap price and fast service, from pre-requisites analysis to implementation, community management, employee engagement, employer branding and full reporting.



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We provide services mainly online, using latest communication technologies.
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00195 ROMA (RM) - Italy
Sepapaja tn, 6
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TALLINN, 15551 - Estonia


P.le Bande Nere, 9 - 20146 MILANO
Via T. Campanella 13 - 00195 ROMA

Sepapaja tn 6 - Tallinn, 15551

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+39 (392) 9108220

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